Rechenmacher, German, learned the traditional trade of porcelain painting;
studied art history, philosophy and languages;
international management positions in publishing, frequent travels across Europe and India;
interested in traditional photographic processes, i.e. pinhole cameras, pack and roll films, polaroids;
fine art photography in black and white;
lives in Stuttgart


Sep 2010, hp fischer, Tübingen (single exh.)
Dec 2011, Lens Culture, Paris
March 2012, FotoFest, Houston
May/Jun 2012, Stadtmuseum Tübingen: Kunst 12, (part.) foto>>
Feb 2013, Die Aktgalerie, Berlin (single exh.) foto>>
Sep 2013, Schillerpalais, Berlin: Polaroid Writings (with Debbie Davies, New York, The I Love You Project) foto>>
Oct 2013, London Photo Festival, (part) foto>>
Apr 2014, Paris, Les Petits Polas, (part) foto>>
May 2014, London Photo Festival, (part) foto>>
May 2014, Tübingen, Kultur (be-)lebt, (part) foto>>
Jul 2014, Künstlerhaus, Stuttgart, Body Shelter Net (members' exhibition) foto>>
Jan 2015, Paris émoi, (part) foto>>
May 2015, London Photo Festival, (part) foto>>,
Sep 2015 BERLINER LISTE (part.)
Jun 2016 Prolab Stuttgart, After Work, "Port Cities"
Sep 2016 Rotterdam International Art Fair
Oct 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair
Feb 2017 Lübeck HanseArt foto>>
Jun 2017 Vienna Photo Print Market


Seltenerden, Manutius Verlag Heidelberg, 2011, ISBN 978-3-934877-85-6
Poladarium 2015, Kalender, Seltmann + Söhne, ISBN 3-944721-06-3
Reviews LensCulture Paris 2012

"I like what you’re doing, you don’t look at photography with your eyes you look at it with your brain."
Lars Boering, Lux Photo Gallery, Amsterdam

You’re taking every visible risk you possibly can."
Fred Baldwin, FotoFest Houston

"I like the images and I like the text but I wish they were separate."
Jim Casper, LensCulture Paris

"How do you publish stuff like this? It’s so unique."
Maarten Schilt, Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam

Reviews FotoFest Houston

„Abstract Expressionism“
Stefan Kirkeby, Smith Andersen North Gallery, San Anselmo

Serie Black and White Attacks on Landscapes

“Very poetic and full of movement and abstracted organic forms”
Hava Gurevich, Art2Art Exhibitions, New York
Serie Black Flowers and Black Flowers Polaroid

“The most conceptional thing I’ve heard so far”
Daniel Aycock, Front Room Gallery, New York

Serie Books Fire

“Lyrische Fotografie”
Manfred Zollner, Foto Magazin, Hamburg
Serie Black Flowers Polaroid

“Quiet Conceptionalism”
Matthew Shaul, University of Herfordshire Arts and Galleries
Serie Rare Stones / Seltene Steine