Rückzug 3 „Subcamp Wolkenburg is being evacuated / Das Aussenlager Wolkenburg wird geräumt“

Deputy Judge Advocate’s Office 7708 War Crimes Group European Command APO 407 United States vs Friedrich Becker et al. Case No. 000-50-46

Wilhelm Brusch SS-Oberscharführer (T/Sgt)
Evidence: One witness testified that during the evacuation march of female prisoners from Wolkenburg to Dachau and while in the vicinity of Weiden and Irrenlohe, two gypsy prisoners were shot to death and the next day two Polish prisoners were shot to death without a trial because a few potatoes were found on them.
A defense witness testified that near Irrenlohe three German women and two Polish women were tried by an ‘Emergency Court’ for looting, found guilty and legally sentenced to be shot.
Sentence: Death by hanging.